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Tony Sagono, President/CEO  

Midtown Tire began in 1962 as the tire department of Fincher Motors, and automobile dealer in Rochester, New York, offering upgraded tires to Fincher’s retail customers and selling other tires on a wholesale basis to other area dealers and repair shops, and that has been its sole business ever since.

Midtown Tire grew over the years, occupying successively bigger and better warehouse facilities in Rochester and expanding to Syracuse and Buffalo.

A key to Midtown Tire’s success has been its ability to keep pace not only with an evolving foreign and domestic passenger car industry but also with the many specialty vehicle markets.

In the 1960s, perhaps two dozen different tire sizes served to keep most of upstate New York’s passenger cars on the road.

In 2012, Midtown Tire stocked more than 2,000 tire sizes and is acknowledged as the “go to” source by retail and commercial auto dealers, repair shops, collision shops, independent tire stores and gas stations throughout Western New York and Northern Pennsylvania.

Now on to the next 50!