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Tires: Made of rubber, round in shape, black in color, and
filled with air. Not glamorous, but without them, your world –
and the worlds of your customers - come to a standstill.

Which is why more than 3,000 customers – dealers and
repair shops throughout Western New York and Northern
Pennsylvania – depend on Midtown Tire to keep things rolling.

Midtown Tire is a wholesale distributor for Bridgestone,
Firestone, Dayton, Fuzion, Toyo, Nokian, Delta and Hercules
tires as well as a complete line of farm, truck & trailer, lawn &
garden tires and tubes.

At any time in its warehouses in Rochester, Syracuse and
Buffalo, between 80,000 and 120,000 tires are in stock,
comprising more than 2,000 different tire sizes. Each year,
Midtown Tire’s 50 trucks deliver more than 400,000 tires
throughout the region. With this vast inventory, Midtown Tire
has developed a well-earned reputation as the region’s “go to”
supplier for both standard and specialty tires.

The key factor in Midtown Tire’s success is its fast customer
service. For its customers - truck and auto dealers, repair
shops, collision shops, gas stations and independent tire
stores – quick turnaround is the name of the game: service a
vehicle properly and efficiently and the more vehicles you can
service in a day.

To keep your customers rolling, look to Midtown Tire
as your fast, efficient “go to” wholesaler for all your customers’ needs.